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The tricks in front of the camera

The tricks in front of the camera

Are you on the point of pass a casting in front of the camera? Don't you have any Experience in this domain? Bestcasting.co.uk gives you a series of advices for to be lucky

Before the casting

To pass a casting in front of the camera, there are a lot of things to be known before the day of the test. Here a small list on what you have to know:

- We all have a profile that it makes us improve, which favors us (the right side of the face, left, straight ahead. . . ). Before the casting, we should have to know which it is our best profile

This has two advantages: you will go out better in front of the screen and therefore, more possibilities of being chosen. And this will prove to the Casting director that you are more professional and rigorous.

- It is necessary to know well ourselves. To observe you well in front of the camera, ask your friends for  to analyze you. Even if we receive criticism, we have to say that it makes us improve

- The preparation of the casting is essential. The work is very important for the success

The day of the casting

A casting is stressful and the presence of a camera accentuates this stress. Here some tricks of our team:

- Forget the presence of the camera. The camera will not change anything in general development of the casting. The target is to attract the attention of the Casting director

- To have faith in yourselves. It is normal to doubt in front of the camera. You have the same possibilities of pass it that others

- The girls who want to be models, who want to do movies, to try it in the dance or the song. Do not make yourselves up too much, be natural. This way you will give the opportunity to the casting directors to meet you as you are

- The toenails, naturals. Not at all of red, and especially nothing of false toenails. If someone asks you to teach the hands, think of having them well hydrated. Every small detail is seen in the camera. He tends to put on weight

- Don't be vulgar

- The hair. It's also very important. Becareful with the dirty hair or the rare colors

- And of course something very essential. The smile. Always be smiling

Now when you know certain notions to pass a casting in front of the camera, come to discover all our castings in Bestcasting.co.uk.