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Casting boys and girls twins

Casting boys and girls twins

Casting boys and girls twins: the advantage of being identical

Many children and girls have a real talent and they are done to integrate the artistic universe.

Fortunately, they are much demanded in this way, especially for the movies, television and the fashion.

The twins and twins children are even more appreciated by the casting directors. In fact, they offer them numerous advantages.

For example, in a shooting, the producers can use twins in alternation; in order to allow them to rest. The spectators will have the idea of seeing only a child / girl / boy when in fact there are two who take part in the shooting.

To extract profit of being twin children, it is first of all that to appear to castings. Bestcasting.co.uk receives more and more announcements of casting assined to children and twins.

The essential criterion to obtain a casting twin is the resemblance. We can refer to the physical resemblance but also to the psychological one: the way of thinking, of behaving, of moving...

Other indispensable criteria exist of course to obtain a casting, which are similar for the castings boys and girls:

  • To be patient
  • To have talent
  • To have rigor
  • Courage

In the United Kingdom, the castings and the artistic projects with the children are very controlled. Numerous documents are demanded and in the casting and in the achievement of the artistic project, they pass always accompanied by the parents.

If you have children and girls twins, and you are interested in know this universe, apply to our announcements of twin castings and twins in Bestcasting.co.uk.