United Kingdom
Casting boys

Casting boys

The boys are artists like the adults. Many of them are dreaming for have presence in the artistic world.

In fact, you can find autentic talents with the boys. Some of them feel an authentic passion for the art.

The work with children is very regulated in United Kingdom. The producers of the artistic projects must continue the rules and to adapt themselves to all of them.

They can ask you, for example, the parents or legal tutors to accompany the boys not only to the casting, but also to the work set.

The castings boys are organized or recording of camera or  by photo, it depends of the project. The casting directors analyze if the boys corresponds to the role for that they are asking them but also they analyze its character.

To satisfy the casting directors, the children must be provided with certain special features in its character, essential all of them for the achievement of artistic projects:

  • Patience
  • Bravery
  • Rigor
  • Kindness

The castings boys most frequent in United Kingdom are in television and in movies. Sometimes in publicity. There are no many boys who are working in the music or in the theater. Normally in the theatrical or musical careers you make your debut later, in the adolescence.

In the context of the casting boys, the most important thing is have attention with the boy and his working conditions...