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Casting extras

Casting extras

Casting extras: Indispensable persons for the artistics projects

What's an extra?

An extra, is a person who does a small role. It is considered to be the evolution of a figurehead. In fact, an extra one is a figurehead who has to say some phrases.
It will appear only in a scene, but its roll is not destined to wake up interest during the movie. Its appearance can be the reason of the beginning of the intrigue in the movie. The extra one implies that the actor or actress will be absolutely visible during the shooting. 

When the casting directors need extras?

The casting directors need extras for the prodution of different shootings:

  • Shooting of a short
  • Shooting of a full-lenght film
  • Shooting of a commercial
  • Publicity shooting

How does a casting extra pass?

A casting extra is already organized or by photo or filmed casting.

According to the project, the casting extra needs certain needs for appearance, especially in order to represent an ambience, a style or a certain historical period.

An advertisement for a casting extra, especially details the physical profile. It will never be evoked to the talent or to a special skill.

Before presenting you to a casting extra, it's important to have some information about it; this way you will be able to contribute a small personal touch, a wink to what he goes to ask you.

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