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Casting model

Casting model

Casting model, for be part of the catwalk models

Being a model, is a real office that is very diversified. A model can:

  • To parade in catwalk
  • To take part in publicity
  • To do photographic meetings
  • To take part in videos shootings
  • To help the stylists in the dressmaking of its garments

The life of a model must be strict. Its body is their works tools. The physical criteria are very importants. Generally, it is necessary to measure a minimum of 1 '70cm, to be moderately nice and of course, to be in form.

A model has to be a thin person, naturally, and must not do a too severe diet. The models talk more of life style. For have success is very important:

  • A lot of sport
  • Healthy and light feeding
  • A lot of water to hydrate the skin
  • Never to smoke, and less to drink alcohol to preserve the healthy skin, to breathe well and to have a good health

The sport is essential for the activity of a model. The rhythm of life of the models is really very intensive: castings, essays with the designers, tests of shooting photo before having a definitive book...

Casting model it always develops of the same form. The casting model is a very rapid meeting, in fact you will be judged for your "way of walking". A photo test is foreseen (right and left profile) to determine if you correspond to the wished profile.

Some advices for a casting model:

  • Be natural to allow with the casting director
  • Be punctual, patient and smiling. The human contact is important
  • A light makeup, a jean and shirt is the ideal thing
  • Think about high heels to perfect your silhouette and to give you certain height. This way you will be able to show your "way of walking" with high heels

For the castings models men is the same, just than without heels.

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