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Casting musical comedy

Casting musical comedy

A musical comedy is a spectacle of music, dance and theater. The production of this type of spectacles needs recruiting artists of multidisciplinary arts.

For take part of a musical comedy it is necessary to be able:

- To sing
- To dance
- To interprete a rol

So it is necessary to diversify in the different artistic domains. The artists who want to take part in a musical comedy must do courses, in some artistic domains.

The recruitings for the musical comedies are usually difficult, and they usually realize several auditions.

The musical comedies need an important production, and therefore, it is crucial for the casting directors not to be wrong with its artists. The artists have a crucial role in the success of the spectacle.

The casting directors, wait for numerous artists therefore they have to be able to combine to numerous talents, with a high rhythm of tours and spectacles.

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