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Casting short film

Casting short film

Casting short film: the universe of the cinematographic movies

A short film : what is it?

A short film it's a movie of a duration lower than a classic movie. In general it is less than one hour.

A short film includes all the artistic domains of a full-lenght film:

  • Action movie
  • Dramatic movie
  • Documentary film
  • Terror movie
  • Love movie
  • Politically active movie

The production of a short film is in general for financial reasons.

The recognition of the short films

The short films are so much or more recognized and dear than the full-lenght films. There are some festivals for promote them before its commercial exit and to choose the awards to the best short film.

What you need for a short film

A short film it's a movie and it needs all the persons necessary for the achievement:

  • Actors
  • Actresses
  • Extras

It is very valuable to take part in a short film. In fact, that gives you experience in your artistic résumé, but to you allow to be able to obtain also professional contacts inside the artistic world.

Anyway, thanks to numerous festivals organized for the short films, you will be able to the casting directors for the achievement of different artistic projects.

Your participation in a short film will give you visibility inside this sector in particular, and in the artistic way in general.

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