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Casting television radio

Casting television radio

Casting television / radio: two artistic worlds

These two media allows to the listeners and to the public to be informed, but the same way for to spend the free time.

What type of castings television / radio can you find?

The television offers a big number of varied programs, like series, movies, documentaries, reality shows... 

The television is looking permanently new artists and many castings television are posted in Bestcasting.co.uk. These announcements can be:

  • Castings animator
  • Castings actors and actresses
  • Castings ballet dancers
  • Casting singers

For the radio, the proposed castings are less than in television. The most demanded position is: Casting announcers.

How to prepare the castings Television / Radio?

The preparation of the castings television and casting radio they do not develop of the same way.

The casting radio is more difficult to prepare that the television.

In the radio, the voice is the essential thing. We must center everything to the intonation and in the clarity on what we say.

The radio demands a big preparation: it is necessary to test for have a voice clear and that it communicate a certain "encourage" to the auditors. It is necessary to catch its attention. And to think of working your respiration... 

On the screen, it is possible to play with the image, the look, the smile, the movement of the hair... Obviously the content is the essential thing, but the image is very important and it helps enormously. The image is very important, but the quality of the text and the talent of the artist are essential.

For the castings television and the castings radio, it will be necessary to prepare a text and to present it during the audition. To think well about the profile looked by the recruiter in order to present a text according to its needs.

For a presenter's television audition, to prepare a text with general culture and to test your communicative capacity. In case of an announcer of program of humor, you have to prepare a comical text.

Come and discover castings television and casting radio in Bestcasting.co.uk to realize your dream.