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Casting theatre / humour

Casting theatre / humour

Casting theater / humor: every time more and more frequent.

The theatrical representations are very appreciated by the public, especially the comical representations. The target of these is to make laugh and to entertain.

The castings theater / humour are preparated of different form of the casting theatre. It will be necessary to extract our comical sense and the improvisation.

According to the casting theater / humor, the casting director will give you a text to learn that you will have to present of improvised form.

For the first case, we advise you to know about memory the text. It is necessary to be able to say it in all the tones that can be asked you: with humor, with sadness, happiness... Slowly or quickly. You have to show to the casting director that you are capable of answering to all its demands, and that you will be capable of doing it in the representation of the profile that they are asking.

For the second case, if the recruiter does not ask you for anything before the casting, you should to prepare a text. You have to try that it corresponds to the needs of the recruiter and of its artistic project. 

Another advice: be ready for an improvisation on behalf part of the casting director.

The castings Theater / Humor do not prepare them a few days before the call. It is a continued work. It is necessary to do courses, but also it is necessary to complement the formation knowing the world of the theater, to analyze the personages... 

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