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Casting theatre

Casting theatre

Casting theater: the theatrical universe close to you in Bestcasting.co.uk

The theater is an art where actors and actresses act in a theater piece. They interpret many rolls, often of literary genre. These representations are usually carried out in a place called with the same name, the theater. But they can be represented outdoors. 

For the contemporary works, the expression living spectacle is more appropriate. However the word theater and living spectacle are usually confused.

In the theater, the casting directors need numerous artists:

  • Actors
  • Actresses
  • Extras
  • Ballet dancers
  • Singers
  • Acrobats

Before presenting to a casting theater, it is important for to have a bonus of luck and to be chosen to be informed about the type of piece, the author; and there would be ideal the roll for which the casting theater has been organized.

In general, the casting theater is organized by the producer, the scene mounting block scene and of course the casting director. The casting theater is organized normally in the theater where the work will be represented. That will allow you to put you in real situation and put yourselves in good conditions for the casting. The casting theater therefore, it is realized on the same scene.

The casting theater is prepared with theater courses, with body-language and diction. And remember, the majority between us, we are not born like an artist... 

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