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Casting video

Casting video

Every time there is more Casting video in the artistic world

The Casting video has usually a familiar denomination. The numerous casting director have have used this method. The casting video is sometimes the first stage before going on to a traditional casting, that is to say, face to face with the director of casting.

The casting video means that they expect from you, the artists, for a filmed presentation that you will send via email.

Sometimes they ask you to go directly to the study to be filmed by a professional cameraman. This allows them to do a test with the video. Your photogenic qualities and your presence in front of the camera will be evaluated. 

How to find a good casting video?

In a casting video, the important thing is to film a good presentation of us. For it, it is necessary to analyze very well the artistic project for which we postulate.

For a casting video, for example, of a reality show, the casting director hope to see a strong character candidates and with very much humour.

In case of a casting video for a movie, the most important thing is to show your interpretation talents. If it is for a humour movie, show your most comical sense. In the opposite case if it is for a dramatic movie, to interpret of the most tragic form and to transmit to the maximum your emotions.

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