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Casting voice off

Casting voice off

Casting voice off: the voice, an indispensable element to work

What is voice off?

The voice off is an important roll in the artistic world. A voice off is the procedure by which a person appears in an artistic production only with the help of its voice.

Voice off usually has the target to guide and to inform the public along the development of the project.

The voice off can appear in numerous projects:

  • Movie
  • Television series
  • Advertisement
  • Theater
  • Musical comedy
  • Radio

How to become a voice off?

To become a voice off, the first of all is to apply the castings voice off. Our recruiters in general post castings for voice off.

The castings voice off can correspond to the announcements to become a narrator in a movie or to double a movie.

The castings voice off are organized in general in study, in front of screen, with headphones, microphone and of course the texts to be read. It is useless to repeat a casting voice, because it's a hard exercise.

So it is necessary to be prepared. This work demands a work of synchronization, diction and comedy. At the moment of the casting, the respiration and the interpretation are very important. An artist voice off must be the same way like a real actor.

The vocal cords are a few muscles, so you have to work these muscles as the singers work its voice. also is important to be able to change the tone of our voice, this is an authentic achievement.

Voice off, it's important for my artistic career?

To become a voice off could be important in your artistic career. In fact, if your dream is to be more in scene that voice off, the voice off could give you necessary experience at the beginning of your career.

To be a voice off will allow you:

  • To enter in the artistic world
  • To create your own professional network
  • To put into practice your artist's talent
  • To be able to change your voice tone

Find our castings voice off in Bestcasting.co.uk and apply.