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Experience: an element crucial for the artistic world

Everyone has a first time. It's normal don't have any type of experience at the beginning of an artistic career. But that never must be a handicap.

What are looking for the casting directors?

A casting director looks a person with talent and passion for the artistic world.

A casting director will want to feel this aspect of you. A person with a gift, a person who can make the difference. An individual with his own personality.

The experience brings to the casting director your seriousness, resistance and talent. The experience is only a positive point, an appreciative element.

The absence of experience is not a qualifying element in the artistic world. The most important thing is your talent. Show your artistic gift and the casting director will forget your inexperience.

Casting not overcome: an experience that can serve to us

You don't have any experience in the artistic world and in the castings? Do not worry, a not overcome casting is not synonymous of defeat.

The first castings are not usually in general the best. With more experience that will be better for you.

As you are doing more castings, you will be more sure in yourself, and you will understand how a casting develops.

It is important to analyze your castings to improve: to try to understand in what you have failed, what the casting director liked from you.

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