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Festival: a cultural event

A festival is a hundreds, even thousands of persons to celebrate a cultural and festive event. Usually the festivals develops during some days.

Different types of festivals

There's festivals of all types, here a small list of possible festivals:

- Film festival (This festival genre allows to present the movies in preview)

- Music festival (The music festivals are organized to put ahead a musical genre. Some festivals are organized also of cooperative form)

- Theatre or literary festival (These festivals are the first ones that have appeared and they exhibit or stage plays or books appear)

Why to go to a festival?

In addition to enjoying a festive cultural event, it can be interesting for the artists or the future artists to meet in these events. In fact, the festivals can offer different advantages:

  • The festivals are a way to have contacts in the artistic world
  • They allow to enrich your artistic culture
  • At the moment of the festivals, animations and contests can be organized. That could be your moment...

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